The OBfive Surf Skate offers the perfect combination of stability and super responsive turns in one board. The unique geometry of our Surf Truck enables you to pump and carve through turns just like you are gathering speed to flow through to the next section of a wave. 

Our new Surf Skates are the perfect surf trainer and enable you to replicate rail to rail surfing with a more realistic flow than most surf truck systems.

  • High quality high rebound 85A Japanese rubber bushings and bushing cups.
  • CNC machined trucks for a smoother and more precise movement.

 Training benefits of the OBfive Surf Skate

• Stability while pushing and a super responsive movement while turning for the beginner through to advanced surfer. 
• Promotes a natural surf style due to the realistic rail to rail surf movement. 
• Speed power and flow to set up for manoeuvres such as off the lip turns, carving and cut backs. 
• Promotes the use of your core for balance, strength and stability.

Suited skate locations

• Streets, sidewalks and driveways 
• Car parks 
• Skate parks, bowls and ramps

Lost Tropics Surf Skate 31”
Regular price$349.95
    Mullet Surf Skate 31"
    Regular price$349.95
      Cherry Blossom Surf Skate 31"
      Regular price$349.95

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